Social Justice League

I post about various causes that I think are important. Each post here has links to other site where you can get involved in the cause should you so desire.


The Robin Hood Tax - A plan to charge financial institutions 0.05% on each financial transaction and use the money to help solve the world's problems.

Are You Annoyed Yet? - Sir Bob Geldof explains why he and Bono edited an edition of the Globe & Mail.


Meeting on the GMO Alfalfa Moratorium - The public was invited to meeting of the Agricultural Committee that discussed the alfalfa moratorium.

The Sweet Smell of... Chemicals? - A campaign to force companies to list all the chemicals in their "beauty" products.

World AIDS Day 2009 - My history with AIDS.

Sanctuary For All: Operation North Pole - Raising funds for  Sanctuary for Kids.

Brown Bag Projuect - Vancouver Food Bank -  Thinking about the those who go hungry.

Lazarus Effect Campaign - HIV drugs cost forty cents a day but they have a dramatic effect on people with the disease.


Help Bradley Manning - He's been in the brig in solitary confinement for months. He is accused of leaking documents to Wikileaks.

Julian Assange @ TED - July 2010 talk about Wikileaks.


Martin Luther King Day Should be Celebrated Everywhere - The issues MLK talked about were not just American issues.

There is a Word I Could Do Without - My thoughts on the word "tolerance".

We Can't Let the Rednecks Win - Reactions to the anti-gay rants of Clint McCance.

Anna Paquin Comes Out and Breaks Website - The first PSA for the We Give A Damn campaign.

Uganda: Rights Not Repression - Gay Ugandans face the death penalty.

Help The Cheerleader - Save Your Soul - The sickening story of a high school cheerleader who was kicked of the squad for refusing to cheer for her rapist.

PSA: Media Literacy - Mostly female celebrities before and after photoshop. 


International Animal Rights Day - My thoughts on what humans use animals for.