Saturday, December 8, 2012

Life is Short

Today I learned that a friend of mine, Molly, was killed in a head on collision a few weeks ago. I had noticed that she wasn't on Facebook but I thought that with five kids and the holidays she just didn't have time. I can't express how sad knowing she will never be back makes me.

We didn't have much in common. Molly lived in California. I live in Canada. She was a stay at home mom of five. I've never had kids. She had a strong Christian faith. I'm pagan. I suspect she was a Republican while I'm decidedly on the left of the political spectrum.

We met online. We both loved a show called Endgame which was canceled after the first season.  We got to know each other hanging out in a chat room, sharing virtual strawberry margaritas and a lot of laughs. She had a quirky, sometimes naughty, sense of humor. She was kind and thoughtful. The kind of person you wanted to be friends with.

Molly died because someone else was in a hurry. He tried to pass another car and moved into Molly's lane. He struck her car head on at 100 mph. Molly died instantly. The miracle is that her two young daughters survived.

Life is short people. Try not to hurry through it.