Monday, October 8, 2012


I think I've stumbled upon the first example of geekwashing. You've probably heard about pinkwashing or greenwashing. Think about KFC selling "pink" buckets during October (breast cancer awareness month) or any number of products that suddenly have the words "natural" or "eco-friendly" on them. In reality the labels mean nothing and very little money goes to support any cause.

Being geeky or nerdy is trendy right now. Who'da thunk it? A lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon. Some really shouldn't be there. Check out this episode of "Domestic Geek".

I've watched a few of the episodes and they're pretty much the same. Great tips but not geeky. I left a comment asking what makes this "geek" and she replied that it was the "science" that made it geeky. I was really insulted. Geek is not about putting on glasses and spouting some factoids. I timed the "science" in this episode. It lasts for 19 seconds. That's longer than what's in most of the other episodes.

I'm not one of those geeks who likes to point fingers at others and say, "You're not a real geek." I guess i just expect "geeky" things to have more substance. This just feels like jumping on a bandwagon.

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