Monday, October 22, 2012

Flashpoint Rant

I love a show called Flashpoint. It is currently in its last season. I've been strangely reluctant to watch the episodes. I don't want to think that there are only X number of shows left then I'll have to buy the complete series box set of DVDs. I finally watched this week's episode ("Sons of the Father") last night. Since I'm writing this, I guess something about it pissed me off.


If you haven't watched the first episode of season 5 ("Broken Peace") my main point won't make any sense.

Early in of "Sons of the Father", Greg Parker (Enrico Colantoni) tells Ed Lane (Hugh Dillon) that he has to meet with the mother of the young woman he had to kill in "Broken Peace". I spent the rest of the episode worrying about that meeting - yes, I'm oddly protective of Eddie. The idea that he is being forced to meet this woman bugs me. You cannot make someone deal with their emotions. You can help them through the process but you can't force them. Nothing about this meeting was for Ed even though Greg was playing it that way. My fixation of the upcoming meeting distracted me from being too engaged with the rest of the action. To be honest, I wasn't interested in this week's episode. If I want serial killers I'll watch Criminal Minds.

A man named Colin Hunter abducts a nurse from a hospital staff parking lot. He jumps her outside her car and forces her to open the door and get in. Personally, I would have thrown the car keys over the railing to the street below. I must have shaken my head about that for 10 minutes. If he managed to get me in the car I would have driven his side of the car into a lamppost or something, especially when I saw he was making me drive out of town.

Here's the first plot thing that had be saying, "What?" Colin makes the nurse drive out to the middle of nowhere, throws her keys away (which made me laugh way too much) after that he torches her car. Then he puts her in his car and drives back into town to his hideout in an abandoned theater. Talk about a convoluted plan.

While Ed, Greg and the rest of the team try to find Colin and the nurse, they find out he has a brother and that they are the sons of a serial killer. The brother has not seen Colin in a long time. Someone shows him a picture and he recognizes him instantly and without a doubt. I haven't seen my brother in years. Someone showed me a picture of him a couple of weeks ago and I did not recognize him at all. Whatever.

The brother, whose name I do not remember and I'm too lazy to look up, might not have been keeping track of Colin but Colin was obviously keeping track him despite his having changed his name. Even though he's a drifter without a known address, Colin managed to find out that his brother was the real estate agent handling the sale of an abandoned theater. He also managed to find out where his brother lived and then to break into his house and steal only the key to the theater even though it wasn't marked in any way. I guess I'll just have to suspend my belief over that one.

Another suspension of belief happens when the team triggers a booby trap in Colin's home. A giant burst of fire comes out the window of a small room filled with flammable objects but a few seconds later the fire is mysteriously gone. I guess reality would have taken too long.

Needless to say, the heroes save the nurse and then it's time for Ed's meeting. The woman tells Ed she forgives him. My reaction was that he doesn't need her forgiveness because he did nothing wrong. That just proved to me that the meeting was not for Ed but to make the mother feel better. She should have just written a letter. Just because the woman "forgives" him, Ed is not going to forgive himself. He's not ready to yet. He doesn't really need forgiveness but he might feel he can never be forgiven for what he had to do. I fear where Eddie's emotional ride will end. I hope the series doesn't end up with him quitting or retiring.

Monday, October 8, 2012


I think I've stumbled upon the first example of geekwashing. You've probably heard about pinkwashing or greenwashing. Think about KFC selling "pink" buckets during October (breast cancer awareness month) or any number of products that suddenly have the words "natural" or "eco-friendly" on them. In reality the labels mean nothing and very little money goes to support any cause.

Being geeky or nerdy is trendy right now. Who'da thunk it? A lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon. Some really shouldn't be there. Check out this episode of "Domestic Geek".

I've watched a few of the episodes and they're pretty much the same. Great tips but not geeky. I left a comment asking what makes this "geek" and she replied that it was the "science" that made it geeky. I was really insulted. Geek is not about putting on glasses and spouting some factoids. I timed the "science" in this episode. It lasts for 19 seconds. That's longer than what's in most of the other episodes.

I'm not one of those geeks who likes to point fingers at others and say, "You're not a real geek." I guess i just expect "geeky" things to have more substance. This just feels like jumping on a bandwagon.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

State of the Blog

Boy, you know things are bad when even Picard is on your case. It's true. I have been spending too much time on Facebook. And Pinterest.

2012 has been kicking my ass financially, health wise and mentally. I had such big plans for my blogs but it's almost more than I can handle to keep my book blog (Genre Wench) going.

I don't know if I'm going to be back here regularly before the year (or the world) ends. I have a few things in mind but as they say life is what happens while you are making other plans.