Saturday, April 7, 2012

Repost: Flushed Away

Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman at the New York Premiere 
Last night after puppy class, I decided to chill with a movie. I have been waiting for months to see Flushed Away. By now, you know I am a big fan of animation. I am also a big fan of Hunkaroo Hugh Jackman Flushed Away has both. It also has Ian McKellen as master villain “The Toad” and Kate Winslet. Supporting cast include Bill NighyAndy Serkis and Jean Reno. How can you go wrong with a cast like that?

According to IMDb Flushed Away is the first all CGI film by Aardman Animations. They are the people responsible for the Wallace and Gromit movies. They decided to go CGI because the film had a lot of water and that is almost impossible to do convincingly by claymation.

I really liked this film. Is it a masterpiece of modern cinema? No. Nevertheless, it made me laugh out loud. I might watch it again tonight. I am putting it on my list of DVDs to buy. McKellen is so over the top as an evil Toad that it is a joy just to listen to him. The animation, as always with Aardman, is first rate.

Hugh is perfect as pampered pet Roddy St. James. The in jokes are funny. I almost snorted coke out my noise at the scene where Roddy tires to decide what to wear. He pulls some very recognizable outfits out the closet and in the end, he is stuck between Elvis’ white rhinestone jumpsuit and Wolverine’s yellow and blue spandex. He eventually goes with the Elvis jumpsuit.

So there you go. A post about a good film for a change.

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