Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Getting Creative - Week 38

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As expected, I did not work on last week's card. Too busy trying to put my life back in some kind of livable order to work on my issues. 

This week's card:
Know Your Rhythm 
In the same way that individuals have different circadian rhythms (the physiological schedules that make some individuals morning people and others night owls), they also have optimum times for creativity. For some, picking up a paintbrush at the end of the day when their minds are relaxed results in colors flowing, while for others a midday break may be their creative high point. Identifying when you have felt the most creative and what elements contributed to that feeling will make you aware of your won rhythms. This self-awareness will aid you in creating the most favorable setting for inspiration and productivity.

I tend to get ideas while I sleep. I sometimes have to get out of bed in the middle of the night to get to the computer to write what's peculating in my head. Keeping a pen and paper by my bed doesn't work for me. By the time I'm awake enough to hold a pen and move it in a way that produces readable script I might as well get up and turn on the computer.

On the other hand I tend to write my blog posts at night. That might be a hold over from when I worked in an office all day and wrote for a few online magazines at night. I will say that spending 16 hours a day at a computer is not a very good idea. 

Creativity Resources

Respecting Your Weird-Ass Rhythms - Be sure to read the comments too.

Creative Rhythms & Their Cyclic Nature - Creative cycles are natural.

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