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Repost: Get A (Spiritual) Life

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Morgan La Fey by Fredrick Sandys

Warning: New Age stuff ahead. 

I've been on a strange journey today. It started out in the usual way, reading the news at when I came to a piece about Ghost Whisperer. It seems that the set has been visited by ghosts who show up in a single frame of film. The ghostly shots are supposed to be available at the show's official site but I couldn't find them.

I'm not really a big fan of GW. The husband is kind of cute. I'm kind of bored with the whole "I see dead people" thing. Living with a ghost will do that. I also don't agree with the show's assertion that people are haunted, places aren't. My last apartment had a ghost. S/he kept stealing spoons. Go ahead and laugh. When you have to go out and buy 8 spoons every 4 or 5 months for 11 years it gets to be a bit much. I moved to my current apartment 5 years ago and no more missing spoons.

I believe people and places are "haunted". I've had another ghostly hanger on since 1997. He saved my life. I had a space heater that caught fire. I was woken up by someone grabbing my ankle. I looked down to the end of the bed and there was a man standing there. Right beside him was the burning heater. If I hadn't woken up I'd be a ghost now. Since then he's made himself known occasionally by touching me.

My first PADS puppy, Chinook, came with an invisible brother or sister. I would often feel something brush against my leg. I'd look down expecting to see Chinook there but there wouldn't be anything. Eventually, as Chinook and the ghost got bigger, I started feeling something at the end of my bed at night when Chinook was in his kennel. I would say "off" (the command to get off the furniture) and whatever it was would leave. I had meant to ask about the litter Chinook came from but I never did. That particular ghost left with Chinook. I'm happy to report that, the next dog, Nickelback arrived without baggage of any sort.

I didn't start this post intending to recount the ghosts of my life. Looking at the GW site got me thinking about spirit guides. I have one. He's been with me since I was a child. His name is Bon. He's a dragon. He tags along whenever I do a meditation for a specific reason. He's quite funny and snarky and full of advice (some useful... some not so much). My meditations aren't always productive. I often end up laughing. Bon got a lot more talky when I started exploring the Celtic version of Shamanism. Bon went with me when I tried to find my "wild woman" or the irrational side of my brain. She wasn't in. Instead we found a rather buttoned-down young man named Jack. Jack has hang-ups. Bon loves pushing his buttons. My spiritual journeys are quite a bit like Crosby and Hope road movies.

If you're interested in looking into Celtic Shamanism I suggest reading By Oak, Ash, & Thorn by DJ Conway. It's got a lot of fun meditations to do. I go back and do them every now and then. Especially the one where you go inside a piece of fruit. Pineapples have the best parties. LOL. As you might have guessed I don't take my spirituality all that seriously. I mean no disrespect. I think each person has to make his or her own peace with the spiritual world.

While looking up stuff about animal totems I came across a couple of interesting articles. One was about the character of Chakotay from Star Trek Voyager being just a stereotypical Hollywood native along the lines of Tonto. The other was about new age gurus raping and pillaging Native spirituality to make a buck. I agree with both articles.

I can only point out that shamanism is not exclusive to "native" cultures. The Celts were a shamanistic culture. I'm part Scottish and very attracted to many aspects of Celtic culture so I think my interest in Celtic spirituality is quite natural. Of course many Scottish people are quite bored of the offspring of the Celtic diaspora trying to reconnect with their roots but that's another post altogether.

Reposts are posts written for previous journals or other places online that no longer exist.

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