Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Getting Creative - Week 30

I will admit that I got so busy that I forgot all about this week's exercise. When I remembered I went looking for some inspiration and found a mind map for the history of Science Fiction. And there went the rest of the day. Check out the full size map but be prepared to lose time.

This week's card:
Seduce Your Senses 
Whether your creative expression involves hacking at slabs of granite with a sledge hammer or sitting at a piano tickling the ivories, the act of creation is a sensory experience. Treat your body as the creative fountainhead that it is. Close yourself in your favorite room, fill an aromatherapy lamp with lavender oil, and let the fragrance transport you. Schedule a one hour foot massage and then follow those mellow feet to a salon for a long, luxurious pedicure. Close your eyes and touch an ice cube or a kitten's belly. Sink into a steamy bubble bath surround by twenty scented candles. Delight your senses, and they're likely to return the favor.

I have to have music when I'm at the computer. I can't work without it. I also have to be warm and wearing comfortable clothes. Preferably pajamas/lounge wear. I love going to the spa for a mani/pedi. I just can't afford to do it too often. It's not the same when you do it yourself. I'm not big on aromatherapy but there are a couple of kinds of incense I like. Vanilla scented anything is okay with me. I used to wear vanilla oil perfume. One day a woman stopped me and asked what I was wearing. I told her and she said, “It's like walking behind a chocolate chip cookie.” Uh-yup. You know that old saying about the way to a man's heart being through his stomach? You can take a short cut through his nose. Vanilla, apple and pumpkin seem to make men amorous – or so some studies say.

Creativity Resources

At Home Spa Guide – a guide to do it yourself spa treatments. Save money and still indulge.

The Erotic Eye and the Erotic Senses – an interesting look at eroticism, love and art.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – makers of fine oils. Goth/dark humor. They have some great stuff. You can order samples.

Getting Creative is a 52 week project where I will try to work my way through 52 Ways to Nurture Your Creativity by Lynn Gordon. You're welcome to come along as I do a card a week for a year.
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