Saturday, October 29, 2011

Repost: Live Aid DVD

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes – oops wrong band

I didn’t watch the concert way back when. I didn’t have a television in 1985. I have to admit that I skipped a lot of the DVD. For some strange reason I didn’t think many of the acts were that good. Except for the following:

Mullet and frosting aside, how could I not be impressed by Bono’s image making instincts (above)? I wonder what happened to that girl. Was it a life changing experience? Did she move to Africa and open up an orphanage or did she become a manager at McDonalds? Any of you U2 freaks reading this know?

Live Aid: U2 – Bad

George Thorogood

He did a rockin’ version of Madison Blues. I’d forgotten how interesting his guitar playing was. Thorogood is one of only two “Southern” guitarists I like. Now I’m on a search for mp3s for my collection.

Live Aid: George Thorogood - Madison Blues

What can I say? There will never be a band like them again. As I was watching I kept thinking of how amazing it was that in the 70s a bisexual man named Farrokh Bulsara from Zanzibar could become a British rock star named Freddie Mercury. He was like no one else and no one can replace him. I know the three surviving members are still working but I don’t believe there can be a Queen without Freddie.

Live Aid: Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody/Radio Ga Ga

There were two other acts I watched all the way through:

David Bowie
I’m a big fan but I really hate 80s Bowie. I hate the music. I hate the dance moves. I hate the clothes. But I watched it anyway. If you look around the internet, a lot of people think he was pretty good.

Live Aid: David Bowie – Heroes

The only song I have by them is Dancing With Tears In My Eyes. I watched them because I’m totally in love with Midge Ure’s accent. I could sit and listen to that man talk all day. He could read the dictionary and I’d be happy. I wasn’t that impressed with Vienna at Live Aid. I prefer the more recent version:

Live 8: Midge Ure and Eddie Izzard – Vienna

Eddie looks so intense, as if he’s saying “Don’t fuck it up, don’t fuck it up. Christ, I fucked it up. Don’t fuck up again. Don’t fuck up again.” I wonder how he let himself get talked into playing piano in the first place.

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