Monday, September 19, 2011

The Sunday List of Dreams

I’ve just finished reading a cool book. The Sunday List of Dreams by Kris Radish. The blurb on the covers says, “One woman gets and unexpected crash course in spicing up her life….”

I do not do Chick Lit and technically this is not part of that genre because it’s mostly about an older woman. However, it has a “chick lit” feel to it if you know what I mean.

Connie is a divorced, retired nurse, empty nester who is finally selling the family home in Indiana. She finds a box of papers belonging to her estranged eldest daughter who lives in New York and works in “manufacturing.” Like any good mother, she starts to read said papers and finds out that her daughter, Jessica, owns and operates a store that sells sex toys to women. For some unexplained reason she decides to hop a plane to NYC and see this shop (Diva Designs) for herself.

Now imagine you are in your late 20s, running a successful sex shop that is about to expand and suddenly you look up and your mother (whom you have not told about your business) has just walked in the door and is currently staring at your vast selection of dildo harnesses.

As the sitcom writers say, “Hilarity ensues.”

The book is laugh out loud funny and touching in turns. It made me think back to the days in the mid 90s when I wrote a sex column that my family did not know about. Forget my mother; my sister would have had a heart attack if she knew how I made my living. Not that I was ashamed. I just wasn’t interested in sharing my life with my family. I wrote my column because I was interested in sex and because, at the time, there weren’t any other BBWs writing about sexuality.

I still believe that great sex is for every woman not just the young and slender. I still believe there is no shame in getting what you need sexually even if you have to do it for yourself. The message of Radish’s book is sex positive and shows that positive sex is available at any age. I could not agree more.

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