Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting Creative - Week 22

Silly? This is serious business.
So. I lost a day. Again. I spent two days this week waiting for the plumber to show up. I suppose I could have been writing or doing something else creative. I was just too damn tired. I watched all 13 parts of Robin Williams Inside the Actor's Studio. That's about as silly as I got. That and buying some Halloween themed stamps at the dollar store. Not sure what I'm going to do with them but I have them.

My book blog, Genre Wench, is starting to get some notice. I've been getting books for review sent to me. I have to get a calendar going so that I can keep them all straight. Some of them have a deadline. I really have to get it all straight in my head. I used to be hyper-organized. That's why I was a good stage manager. SM is a job for the chronically organized. That's going to be my project for next week. Wish me luck.

This week's card:
From the Heart 
Deep down inside, beyond the reach of reason, responsibility, and rational thought, are the concerns that move you most. Your core values are what invigorate your heart – so why not let them invigorate your art? Whether you spend your Saturdays canvassing for Greenpeace, your Thanksgivings serving turkey at a homeless shelter, or a percentage of your paycheck funding cancer research, your commitments can fuel your creativity as well as the causes you believe in. Reach in and find the feeling that makes you glad to spend your holidays among strangers, then give that emotion expression in your chosen medium.

If you are one of my facebook friends, or if you read my Twitter feed, or my Google+ stream you probably already know what issues are important to me. Some of the big ones are: LGBT rights, the environment, animal welfare, and safe food.

For the past five year most of my volunteering has been with Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS). I've raised six puppies for them and was a puppy sitter for about a half dozen more. Last Sunday was the PADS graduation for 2011. One of the speakers commented that puppy raisers spend more than 100,000 hours with their puppies. That's more than I would have spent at a full time job for five years.

I feel weird if I'm not volunteering for something. I've dragged my puppies to some interesting places while I volunteered for some organization or other. I keep thinking of that saying: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I'm trying. I don't always succeed. Maybe that's another goal I should work on.

Creativity Resources:

Volunteer Canada – Most countries will have volunteer organizations for you to contact. Go forth and Google.

101 Easy Ways You Can Make the World a Little Better – Very simple things that you can do starting today.

Click to Give – Click on the button and someone else makes a donation to one of six different causes. How easy is that?

Getting Creative is a 52 week project where I will try to work my way through 52 Ways to Nurture Your Creativity by Lynn Gordon. You're welcome to come along as I do a card a week for a year.

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