Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting Creative - Week 18

A long time I told an interviewer that I wanted to win an Oscar. I don't want that any more. I don't want to deal with everything that comes with that. I'm getting crotchety in my old age. Sue me.

Some times I think that it would be nice to be a multimillionaire. I'd have a penthouse in Yaletown and a flat in London. Of course I'd need my own jet to fly me back and forth between the two. Short of me winning the lotto or meeting a friendly genie that is not going to happen.

I've come to realize that what I really want is to finish this Hades spawn of a screenplay I've been working on (off and on). Then I need to finish the novel I was supposed to have finished two years ago. If I can do that I'll feel as if I've really accomplished something. I see more therapy in my future.

This week's card:
Bare Bones 
Reducing the distractions in your life can help free up time and space. It also can cut down your mental "to do" list. From gathering and taking out the recycling to cleaning off your desk, making tangible open space around you can help to clear mental space for a new creative project.

I've been trying to get up the energy to do a thorough clean in my apartment for a long time now. Maybe this is the time to actually do some of it. Wouldn't you know some vandal made off with our recycling bins last week. Looks like I'm going to have to pile things up in on the balcony again. Timing is everything.

Creativity Resources

Fly Lady - A simple system to  keep you from living in CHAOS.

Simple Living Manifesto - 72 ideas to simplify your life.

About the image: a look inside a beautiful private jet I found at Private Jets

Getting Creative is a 52 week project where I will try to work my way through 52 Ways to Nurture Your Creativity by Lynn Gordon. You're welcome to come along as I do a card a week for a year.

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