Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dove Conditioner

I sent away for a sample of the new Dove conditioner “with Weightless Nutri-Oils”. What exactly does that mean anyway? I imagine oils floating up to the ceiling of my shower when I open the tube. And what the hell are Nutri-Oils? I am so tired of ad speak.

The little piece of paper that came with my sample said “Controls up to 100% frizz.” Why in the world would anyone want a product that comes out and states that it can only solve part of the problem you bought it for? At least they were telling the truth. It only controlled about 95% of my frizz. I guess the frizz that I most needed to control was beyond this product.

As I've stated before, I'm really sensitive to chemical smells. The new Dove conditioner smelled awful. Not as bad as some but still enough to make me want to hold my breath. Someone who isn't as sensitive as me probably won't have a problem with it. It's got a good, thick consistency so it stays where you put it. I really hate conditioners that are so runny they seem to run right off your hair.

I tried this product twice and got the same results both times. 95% of my hair was smooth and silky but a patch at the top of my head was undaunted. I had to use another product to finish the job. Needless to say I won't be buying the new Dove conditioner.  

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