Sunday, June 19, 2011

Calling All Trekkies

Rod Roddenberry (Gene and Majel's son) is running a new promotion on his site. If you use his Roddenberry Search you'll get tokens that you can use for Star Trek stuff from his store. I made the mistake of looking at what I could get. I found an autographed Dr. Phlox. I want it. I only need 800 more points. Sigh.

You have to sign up but that's free. When you search you get tokens and so do I. So if you're going to search and you don't have a favorite search engine, I'd be grateful if you used the link above and signed up for the Roddenberry search.

I am sitting here wondering how I ever got to this state. I think it's part of my addictive personality. I can get obsessed with things easily. When it comes to collecting, I have to have one of everything. I had a signed Ensign Mayweather and a signed Lt. Reed. I want Phlox!!!!

I suppose it would be less stressful to buy a doll (they occasionally come up on eBay) and have John sign it the next time I see him. It's just that there's something about having a quest that I can't resist.


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