Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Thrill Is Gone

You've probably notice that there hasn't been much Glee around here lately. That's because the last three episodes have left me underwhelmed. I don't have much to say about any of them. I had to look them up on IMDb because I couldn't remember the titles. Now that I've refreshed my memory, here are my thoughts:

The Born This Way episode was a disappointment. While the message was good, it was hyped way beyond it's capacity. It didn't need 90 minutes. The “Barbravention” was cool.

Rumors was an episode I could have skipped altogether. I was young when that album came out and I never really liked it. Interesting to find out about Sam's homelife. Will it ever be mentioned again?

Prom Queen. Boring. I don't get why proms are so important. I never had a prom. Is it an American thing? The whole race for Prom Queen boggles my mind. It just seems to bring out the worst in people. I also don't get why Quinn slapped Rachel when it was Finn who left her standing on the dance floor. After what she put him through, that's nothing. She should have expected karma to get her at some point.

I have to bring up the cover of “Friday.” I'd never heard the song before watching Prom Queen. I won't go in to how dumb the song is. It is dumb but it's catchy. I prefer the Glee version to the original. They took a stupid song and made it fun.

Overall, Santana becomes more and more unlikeable with each episode. Lauren also seems to be doing something uncool (as Mercedes' manager, Lucy Caboosy, etc.) if she's on the screen at all. Quinn becomes a bigger bitch with every week and wonders why she can't hold Finn's attention.

Quinn may be skinny and beautiful but her life is not perfect. She doesn't even seem happy at all. If she didn't have any friends when she was fat it might be because she actually is a bitch.

It's nice to see that “The Rehabilitation of Noah Puckerman” continues. Now if he could only stop doing stupid things every time someone questions his manhood.

I don't hold out much hope for tonight's episode (Funeral) and I'm hoping the New York episode will be much better. I just read that episode cost $6 million. I hope it's worth it.

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