Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting Creative - Week 1

Every year in high school we had to do these horrible tests to see what kind of job we'd be suited to. Every year my top three were: writer, actor and photographer. They weren't always in the same order but they were always there at the top. I can't say how accurate these kinds of tests are. I have no idea why these three kept coming up. I can't help noticing that "singer" never came up. All those years in Glee Club wasted. Maybe I should have kept up those acting lessons instead. Nah.

I have a love/hate relationship with my creative self. I love being able to express myself with words but I often can't force myself to sit down and write. If it's a job I'll procrastinate for as long as possible. College was one long string of all nighters the day before a paper was due.

When a deadline is self-imposed it's even worse. I can literally make myself sick in order to guarantee that I miss the deadline. I've started wondering if I really like writing or if I write because I have too. There are so many stories running around in my head I don't know what would happen if I couldn't get them out. I think that's why I have 4 blogs and I'm working on a novel, a screenplay and a short story all at the same time. I think it might be some kind of compulsion. I have these ideas or "dreams" and I have to start getting it down or I can't rest. Now if I could just start "needing" to get the thing finished.

A few years ago I found Lynn Gordon's 52 Ways to Nurture Your Creativity (52 Series). There are some really great ideas in this deck of cards. I don't know why I've never done any of the things Gordon suggests. For the next 52 weeks I'm going to give each of her ideas a go. I've shuffled the deck (with my eyes closed) and will pick a card off the top of the deck each week. I'll post whatever I do that relates to this week's card next week. If you decide to work on your creativity too, I'd love to see a link to the results posted in the comments.

Here's this week card:
Even if it's just a silly doodle you did while on the phone or a letter you sent to a friend, save copies or the original of creative outpourings. Whether they were conscious or not, keep these banal masterpieces in a file box. You already manifest creativity without even being aware of it; keeping track of these incidental creations will remind you how easily  naturally and  unselfconsciously you already express yourself.

Creativity Resources

Chaotic Shiny - Dozens of writing and gaming generators. Whether you're into RPGs or writing a sci-fi or fantasy novel you'll find a treasure chest of ideas here. One of my favorite spots to go to for that little thing to make my story or character better. Take a look a the wining entry from a contest Chaotic Shiny ran: Paradox Recycler

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