Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting Creative - Week 3

I have a rather tenuous relationship to time. I can lose a lot of it during the day. Hell, I can even lose whole days. Like today when I realized that it was Thursday. I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Tuesday. Don't ask me what happened to the real Tuesday. I don't remember.

Last week's card was about setting aside a regular time for writing each day. I know I should do it but I procrastinated the week away. If any of you have ever read The Artist's Way

What I actually worked on was my sleeping habits. I've been up until 4 am every night for the last 3 weeks. I try going to bed at 11 but I can't fall asleep. I end up sleeping until 1 pm. It's really messing me up. Just another way my body likes to sabotage me. I think I might try not going to bed at all and see if I can stay up until bedtime tomorrow. I'm not sure that will work. I have actually fallen asleep at the keyboard a couple of times.

I'm not giving up on the idea of establishing a regular time to write. Maybe I should start writing between midnight and 4 am. I'm not really doing much of anything else.

Here's this week's card:
Step Away 
There's a moment, just after takeoff, when you can look out the airplane window and make out the familiar landmarks of your life: the college campus, the freeways and bridges, maybe even your own house. You're close enough to the ground to see, but far enough away to view it all from a different perspective. Sometimes that kind of distance – literal or – metaphoric can do wonders for your creative process. Even if you can't afford a plane ticket, you can always afford a change of scene. Take a walk. Ride the elevator to the top floor of your city's tallest skyscraper. Drive to another town and be a tourist for an afternoon. Things may look different from there.

Creativity Resources:

The author of Eat Love Pray gave a very interesting TED talk about creativity.

How to Stimulate Creativity - A six day art project designed to help you get your creative juices going.

About the image: Winged genius, fragment. Second-style mural painting, Roman artwork, late 1st century BC. From the peristyle of the villa of P. Fannius Synistor in Boscoreale, near Pompeii. From the Wikimedia Commons.

Getting Creative is a 52 week project where I will try to work my way through  52 Ways to Nurture Your Creativity by Lynn Gordon. You're welcome to come along as I do a card a week for a year.

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