Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just One Kiss

The other night I watched a Glee episode called Theatricality for the first time. Great GaGa costumes on Kurt and the girls but what really took me back was the guys as Kiss. When I started high school Kiss was still a big deal. A friend of mine was really into them. I wasn't with the exception of one song: Beth. I guess I'm just a soft rock kinda gal sometimes. It's the only Kiss song that is comfortably in my range (alto) which becomes very important to the rest of this story.

When I was 14 I had a babysitting job in a hotel room. The child was 9 months old. The parents expected her to sleep through my time there. Unfortunately the child woke up, threw up and then proceeded to cry at the top of her lungs. I tossed the soiled bedding into the bathtub and tried to get her to calm down. I ended up walking around the room singing any song that came to mind. Nothing worked until I hit Beth.

The child calmed down and I was greatly relieved. I moved on to my next number, like you do, but she was having none of it. I tried a couple of other songs but the crying started up again with even more intensity. I'm no dummy so it didn't take me long to figure out that Beth was the only song she would quiet down for. I sang that song, sitting on the bed with the baby in my arms, for the next 90 minutes.

90 minutes. Beth. Over and Over. There just aren't that many lyrics by the time her parents came home I never wanted to hear it again. Why couldn't the kid have liked American Pie? Lots of lyrics and a story bonus. It had to be Beth. Damn you Peter Criss!

Here's some trivia for ya: The original title for Beth was Beck after Chelsea guitarist Mike Brand's wife Becky:
...written, almost word for word, from Mike Brand's responses to his wife's constant calls that interrupted our rehearsals. It got to the point where I wrote down his remarks over a period of 3 or 4 days in what I called my 'wizard book.' It was merely a small notebook I carried to jot down silly sayings, sketch in, to save ideas. If you look at the lyrics and view them as a hen-pecked hubby's remarks to his nagging wife you'll see what I mean. Just pause after every sentence and pretend there's a bitch at the other end of the line. You'll catch it - I'm sure. Source

I think I'll end this little trip down memory lane with my favorite rendition of Beth from Kiss Unplugged:


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  1. I'm a new follower from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party. I'm a huge Kiss fan. I almost fainted when Adam Lambert sang with them on the finale of American Idol (not sure the season). I grew up on classic rock and Kiss was a staple in my house. Not the biggest Glee fan, but I'll watch it. I do like their cover of the song. They got it right.

    I love that you post about current events and use your own input to discuss them. So many people just regurgitate what they have heard on the news or from other people. It's refreshing to see such an open mind and candid comments.

    Also, your blog design is beautiful!

  2. Welcome to my world.

    Watching Glee is continually sending me down Memory Lane. I was a Glee kid so I guess that is not too surprising.

    Sometimes I think my blog is just a little too random for some people. ;-)

  3. Oh no, I L-O-V-E random blogs -- beats predictability any day IMO...! I'll be back for sure !

    And Kiss - oh my, takes me back too. I had couple of guys in my class at highschool who were die hard fans of Kiss, and I liked a few songs too as I couldn't avoid hearing them... Charisma springs to mind -- and of course Lick It Up (I may have had that album myself too). I remember it was huge when they took the masks off...end of an era, eh ?

  4. The Kiss song I remember most (after Beth) is Rock and Roll All Night. That was a big anthem when I was in high school.

    I remember when the makeup came off. Who would have thought Paul Stanley was so cute? Have you seen his NoH8 photo? It's really good.