Saturday, February 12, 2011

If The Doctor Knocked on Your Door...

If The Doctor knocked on your door and said, "Fancy a trip?" would you go with him?

If it was Doctor #10 (David Tennant) I'd say yes in a heartbeat. I'd probably go with any of the others but I like #10 best.

David Tennant was my first Doctor. Before him, the only things I knew about Dr. Who came from Eddie Izzard. Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter have seen this before so if you want to skip the video I won't mind. ;-D

So yeah, me and Doctor #10 would be gone before you could say, "I've been captured." Oh, the places I'd go. Dr. Seuss never had The Doctor's Tardis in mind. The first place (time) I'd like to go is Earth* in the year 2111. I want to see if humans are still around or if the planet succeeded in getting rid of them. I'm thinking the chances are 50/50.

After that I'd like to hop around in ancient Egypt for a while. I have a lot of questions. The first stop would be c.1330 BCE to see how Nefertiti died. Then it would be c.1479 BCE to watch Hatshepsut become pharaoh. Then I'd jump 22 years to the end of her reign to see how she and her lover Senenmut died. After that it's off to August 1, 30 BCE to watch the last 12 days of Cleopatra's reign. I'd also like to know where all these people were buried. Next it would be back to Nefertiti's time to see what life was like in Akhetaten. I'd also like to see the birth of Tutankhaten (later Tutankhamun) to find out once and for all who his parents were.

Then I'd see how the pyramids were built and bop around to a few other points in Egyptian history. I'd end my trip with a visit to the 6th century AD to watch as the Temple of Isis at Philae is finally closed forever by Justinian.**

With all my major Egyptian questions answered I'd be ready to see some other worlds. I have more historical questions but I'd leave them in the "if there's time" category.

So what about you? Would you go with The Doctor? Where would you go?

Since I don't know what's out there to see, I'd have to let The Doctor decide where and when to go off-world.

**After the closing of Philae, the only remaining Temple of Isis was in London.

Photo credit: A temple on an island of Philae, near AswanEgypt as seen from the water of the surrounding lak by Przemyslaw "Blueshade" Idzkiewicz. October 2004.

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