Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordful Wednesdays

Atlantis could have used a Starbucks.

In 2008 I went to the Stargate: Atlantis set (which they were slowly changing into the Stargate: Universe set) I borrowed my friend's camera but I hadn't had time to learn how to use it. I took crappy pictures like the one above. In case you can't tell, it's David Nykl dressed in his Radek Zelenka costume. He's asking someone to get him a coffee - that's a coffee container in his hand. He's standing in the "gateroom" in front of the main gate panel.

It would have been so much better if I'd figured out how to "zoom".

If you're wondering why Nykl was in his Zelenka costume it's because there was a "photo op" where everyone got to take a picture with Zelenka behind an Atlantis panel.

At the time that I visited the studio there were still rumors of an Atlantis movie. Now that Universe has been canceled that's been put on hold indefinitely. For the first time since 1997, the Stargate sets and offices are empty. I didn't like Universe but I'm sorry it got canceled. I'm sorry that some of my friends who worked on all three shows are now out of a job.

I'm also sorry I didn't take more pictures on set. Even if they would have been crappy it would have been nice to have them.

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