Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Taz Still Needs a Home

Taz has been waiting for adoption since November. We were supposed to meet potential adopters yesterday but they canceled. If you know anyone who can give a home to a great little dog, please pass this on to them. Thanks.

Taz, one year old neutered Pug/Cairn Terrier cross. Taz came to PADS over the summer as a young adult rescue with an unknown history. Taz loves people and can be a real sweetheart. He takes to training energetically and loves working with any kind of food reward. PADS recommends that Taz goes to an adoptive family who is willing to take him to clicker training classes to build on his strong desire to work for a reward as Taz learns quickly and easily this way. He is resistant to being trained using any kind of force or dominance, and on one occasion bit his handler's hand when they tried to get a down by pulling his collar towards the ground. Because of his resistance to physical handling we will not consider a home with small children.

Taz would do best in a home with active adults who are home during the day. A securely fenced yard is not necessary but is preferred. Taz plays like a terrier, very rough-and-tumble and can be quite vocal when he really gets going. Taz enjoys fenced in dog parks, however because of his age when he came to PADS he does not yet have a reliable recall, so unfenced parks are not recommended. Our suspicion is that Taz was not well-socialized to other dogs as a puppy before he came to PADS as though he is friendly to all dogs he believes that all dogs want to play with him even if they are showing clear signs that they want him to go away.

Taz would do well in a household with another high-energy, friendly dog who is happy to play for hours.

The adoption fee for Taz is $500.

If you are interested in receiving an adoption application please e-mail Jackie Clark: jackie@pads.ca. Applications are considered on a first-come basis, and will be followed by a personal interview at which point potential adopters will have the opportunity to meet Taz.

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