Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We Can't Let The Rednecks Win!

I cannot tell you when the last time I was THIS PISSED OFF was.

I could have happily lived my life without knowing what people like Clint McCance have to say:

Meet Clint McCance. He's vice president of the Midland School District in Arkansas and he apparently felt put out by a call for people to wear purple as a means of highlighting the bullying problem in the wake of five recent suicides by gay teenagers. So he went on Facebook to vent.

"Seriously they want me to wear purple because five queers committed suicide. The only way im wearin it for them is if they all commit suicide. I cant believe the people of this world have gotten this stupid. We are honoring the fact that they sinned and killed thereselves because of their sin. REALLY PEOPLE."

As first reported by the Advocate, a magazine on gay issues, he went on to say: "It pisses me off ... that we make special purple fag day for them. I like that fags can't procreate. I also enjoy the fact that they often give each other AIDS and die. I would disown my kids if they were gay. They will not be welcome at my home or in my vicinity. I will absolutely run them off. Of course my kids will know better. My kids will have solid christian beliefs." Source

So it's not news. There will always be redneck homophobes. The idea of this man being in charge of children really sickens me. I feel sorry for his kids. They now know that his love is conditional. If they want him to love them they'd better not do anything he doesn't like. No one should have to have that shoved in their faces.

In case you've been under a rock for the past few days, here are some relevant vidoes:

I've not always been impressed with Dr. Phil but my opinion of him shot up while watching him rip McCance a new one. And Asher Brown's parents! I don't know if I'd have the strength to pray for McCance.

I don't agree with all the people who have been threatening McCance and his family. Violence is not the answer. As far as I know, his children are innocent. They shouldn't be punished because their father is a dickwad.

I want all the LGBT and questioning youth to know that this jerk does not speak for all adults. He certainly doesn't speak for me or my friends. There's always going to be someone who doesn't like you for some stupid reason. That's their problem. It has nothing to do with you. It does get better. You don't have to take my word for it. Go to It Gets Better and watch some videos. You're not alone.

Some books I wish I'd had around when I was growing up:
GLBTQ: The Survival Guide for Queer and Questioning Teens
The Journey Out: A Guide for and About Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Teens
Not the Only One: Lesbian and Gay Fiction for Teens

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