Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Have Seen My Future and I Don't Like It One Bit!

For the past six weeks I've been living my future.

For those of you who don't know, I started losing my hearing a few years ago and earlier this year I got my first pair of hearing aids. Let me tell you they're a pain in the ass to adjust too.

I haven't been wearing them for a couple of months because there's no point. I am currently almost completely deaf.

It all started with a "simple" cold. On the Labour Day weekend I sat in the shade and wind all day at the PADS walk. I started sniffling the next day. By the PADS Graduation at the end of September I was really sick.

I've been coughing my lungs out since then. That's life with Asthma. There's no such thing as "a bit of a cold." My colds last months and move from my head to my chest and then back again. And again. And again. I currently have bronchitis. Five weeks in. Let me tell you I'm sick of it.

As an added attraction, I have "fluid" behind my eardrum. That means that the eardrum can't vibrate so I'm deaf in that ear. My other ear isn't great either.

I've got to tell you that being deaf is TOTALLY frustrating. I can't use my cell phone because I can't hear very much without my handy gadget that connects my hearing aids (which I'm not wearing) to my cell phone.

In stores I usually have to ask people to repeat things. I've had a workman in my apartment the last two weeks who, even though I've told him that if he turns away from me when he talks I won't hear him, insists on turning away from me when speaking to me. Makes me want to smash something over his head.

I pretty much don't want to go out where it's even noisier than in my apartment. I'd rather do all my communicating over the internet.

So what's the big deal? Chances are very good that I will be completely deaf some day. My mother started losing her hearing at about the same age as me. She went completely deaf. I've inherited all of her ailments so there's no reason to suspect that I will not go deaf too. If I'm lucky I'll get myself a hearing dog...

I'm going on record to say that I don't like it. It's really aggravating. You have no idea how aggravating until you suddenly lose what you take for granted. It sucks.

Protect your ears people. The alternative is not fun.

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