Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Can Haz Tardis!

I love Second Life. You can have just about anything you can imagine there. As long as it's legal. There's a price for everything. Even a tardis. The one on the right is a "low prim" freebie but the maker also makes one with all the bells and whistles for L$250. I'd buy one but I have no room in my home. I'm currently using just about all my prims. Besides, until they build a tardis that actually works as a transporter I have no use for one.

The problem with Second Life is that there is so much to buy. I still haven't figured out what makes one hairstyle worth L$50 and one worth L$250. I know the difference is the amount of prims but are more prims always better?

Maybe I would be less confused/cynical if I hadn't just paid L$1200 for a top of the line set of female genitals. That was my second most expensive purchase so far, after my bedroom suite (L$3000) which doesn't all fit in my "starter" home (damn those prims). It's a good thing L$1 = $.01 USD. It's also a good thing that Linden Labs pays premium members L$300 a week. I can save up for something really special. Like my own piece of land...

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