Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hawk Has Left The Building

Day 2 of the puppy cuddling convention.  Got to spend time with a 15 month old yellow lab named Jenga.  I didn't think to get a picture before she left so I had to make up for it by taking NUMEROUS pictures of the 9 week old Hawk.  You can watch a short video of him and his litter mates here.

Everything was really quiet at first, we had Jenga and Jolie, some other advanced training dogs and  a couple of working dogs. There were a few people around. Without warning Hawk entered and the crowd went nuts. He was just one ginormous people magnet. It was crazy for a while. Who can resist puppies? Hawk just left his mom on Friday. He handled all the people like a trooper. He even fell asleep while someone was petting him. I had to go and get a cuddle with him at the end. He's heavy. Close to 20 pounds I'd bet. He's going to be huge when he grows up. Just check out the size of his paws.

Some people came back again and again to get cuddles. I loved the people who were trying to pretend that they weren't coming over for cuddling. Like there was some other reason for them to be in that corner of the place. One guy looked a lot like Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray. He overheard me talking about the people trying to pretend they weren't coming for the puppies and he blushed a little. So cute.

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