Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Better Day All Around

I spent most of the day at the Vancouver Convention Centre. PADS is the charity of choice for this year's MPI convention. I tried to get a puppy for the weekend but the EPE puppies all have kennel cough so they can't come out and play. I would have taken one of the advanced dogs but I don't have a kennel big enough and there was no way for them to bring one to me. I was a bit disappointed.

The puppies were a big hit. We had three of different ages in the morning and four in the afternoon. The little girl catching some Zs above is Olympia. She's 12 weeks old and one of the calmest puppies I've ever seen. She took all the attention in stride.

Tomorrow some of the 9 week old puppies that were featured on the news last week are going to be there. They're all cute as buttons so it should be a big draw. Everybody loves the dogs. People were walking away from the cuddling area with big smiles on their faces. I think it's a lovely thing to have at a convention. Everyone needs some down time. Jaguar (Jag) at the left was more than happy to have people come over and pet him. He's 15 months old and in advanced training. Handsome boy!

I talked to a lot of people about the puppies I've raised. I managed to find a picture of Quincy in a news clipping in one of the PADS binders. I also managed to connect to Facebook to show a few pictures from my photo collection. Of course there were plenty of other people who could whip out photos of their darlings to be fussed over. You gotta love dog people.

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