Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's Up With Miley?

I was channel surfing a few days ago and came across Joy Behar telling Perez Hilton that he published child pornography when he published a link of Miley Cyrus with some of her privates showing on his Twitter feed.

The photo is nowhere to be found now. The link Hilton posted is dead. Supposedly she was getting out of a car in a very short skirt and gave the people a good look. From Hilton's comments on the Behar show people originally thought that she wasn't wearing underwear.

I did find a couple of live performances by Miley from the Much Music Video Awards. I noticed two things about "Can't Be Tamed." Number one, that outfit leaves very little to the imagination. Hilton published a picture from that performance with her crotch dead center which has caused more upset. If it had been Lady Gaga (and it has been) or Madonna no one would bat an eyelash.

It's only because she's 17 that people are getting their knickers in a knot. Maybe they should. I wouldn't let my underage child to wear sexy/revealing clothes and dance or pose in a seductive manner. They could do what they wanted once they hit 18 but until then I'd keep everything under wraps. But that's just me. There's an argument to be made that Miley hasn't been a child in anything but age for a long time... not going to go there.

The other thing I noticed about this video (besides how badly it was being sung) was what the dancers were wearing. The costumes and props make them look like Aboriginals with spears and clothes made out of some kind of hide. At one point the choreography has them "carrying" Miley tied to a bunch of spears a la the old cannibals in cartoons and movies. Remember that the title of the song is "Can't Be Tamed" which implies that the dancers are wild or uncivilized.  And no one has said boo about it.

The second video is of "Party In The U.S.A."  which features Miley and her female dancers wearing scarves in their hair a la Snoop Dogg. As Hilton points out it's very "barrio." I can't help wondering why Miley has to borrow from other cultures. Possibly because she has no culture to call her own. I just find it weird when people appropriate things from a culture they're not part of and probably don't really understand.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Need To Break A Bad Habit

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For some strange reason I like to sign up for things. Especially if I think they may be remotely cool. My doctor convinced me to sign up for an HPV study that will last for two years at least. Okay. That doesn't sound very cool. If it will help create a test that will spot cervical cancer earlier than the current pap smear I'm all for it.

So the latest thing I've signed up for is "an academic study of mutliplayer online video games." What it means is that they're going to throw a bunch of strangers into a situation and have them try to solve a mystery. At first I hesitated to sign up because the study is being conducted in a "steampunk" sim. Hell, until today I had only the vaguest idea what steampunk was. Hint: Wild Wild West and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen were steampunk movies.

I spent the afternoon looking at (and buying) Victorian dresses (SIGH) and hats. I haven't found any shoes but that's next on my list. Then I'm going to go to the library and get some reading material to help me along in my self directed crash course.

If you're interested in participating in this study get yourselves to THIS PAGE
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Thursday, June 10, 2010


You might have noticed that I haven't been around that much lately. I've become addicted to Second Life or SL. I've long been interested in Virtual Reality (VR). While it hasn't quite gotten to "hollodeck" quality, there are some fascinating things available in VR.

I've learned a couple of things about myself. Given an unlimited bank account, I become a shopaholic. The currency in SL is "Linden Dollars" (L) and one L is equal to $0.01 USD. There are also numerous "freebies" to be had. Almost every store will offer a "gift" to their members. Membership is usually free. Some stores also have a "Lucky Chair" that will give you a prize from the store if your names begins with the letter they're looking for. Letters usually change every 10 minutes or as soon as someone wins. While writing this I realized that I won a prize in a lucky chair this morning but I have no idea what it was. Or if I actually got the prize.

Last week I spent almost 3 hours in a store trying to win a dress that was no longer available for sale. I did get the dress but it was a long 3 hours. I would never do such a thing in Real Life (RL).

I went to Farpoint Station and bought a uniform from every Trek crew (except Voyager which is basically a DS9 uniform) plus a "Female TOS Captain" and an Orion Slave girl avatar. I also bought a pair "Vulcan" pjs and a set of Federation pjs. See? Totally overboard. Don't even get me started on the Stargate stuff.

In just a couple of weeks my inventory has grown to over five thousand items. I've actually had to spend time in world organizing stuff. I'm starting to rethink my "If it's free, it's for me," motto. I've also started buying things for a male avatar (I have a couple) in case I get bored of being female. I also had a couple of dragon avatars in case I get bored of being human.

I'm lucky I actually signed up for an account in Feb. and I got free Lindens. If I was starting fresh now I wouldn't have the money to spend. As it is I've spent almost half of the money. I think I might have to get a job. There aren't a lot of obvious ways to make money if you don't make things to sell. You can be a model, an exotic dancer or an escort. I was looking into escort training. It will cost me $18,000L (about $70 USD) to go through all the "classes."

I've also been looking into geisha training. It seems like a lot of work but at least there's no sex (virtual or otherwise) involved. I'd have to make a new account because the geisha schools are touchy about their trainees being connected to anything of a sexual nature. I'm in a couple of groups that, while not anything overtly sexual, would not go over well in gieshadom. To be a giesha I'd need a whole new avatar and a bunch of new clothes. I have no idea what the training would cost but they expect you to be available between the hours of 4 and 9 pm PST. Anyway, I have a little time to do some research because you can't apply until your avatar is a certain age. You also need 4 SL references. SIGH.

There are some cool places to go in SL. I like the Cork, Ireland sim. I had no idea that Cork had a sea monster. The Cork sim is not that big yet but it has what is probably my favorite store: A Touch of Ireland. Bought a really cute Mardi Gras outfit there today. Did I really just type that??? SIGH.
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