Friday, April 9, 2010

Train of thought derailed once again.

I'm quite often amused by how my mind works.

Two days ago I watched Elvis Costello Spectacle with Bono and the Edge. At one point Edge mentioned Echo and the Bunnymen. Yesterday I woke up with "People Are Strange" by Echo and the Bunnymen from the The Lost Boys Soundtrack in my head. I have this album on cassette but no working cassette player. I only like half of the songs on the album but I can't download just the songs I like. I have to buy the whole thing.

Anyway, Echo and the Bunnymen led me to "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" by Roger Daltrey from the same album. As I Tweeted earlier that song should get an award for the most ironic song in a vampire film. I really like Daltrey's version. I couldn't find a video of him performing it so it probably doesn't exist.

I did find a version by George Michael and Luciano Paverotti.

I also found a video of Roger Daltrey singing one of my all time favorite songs.

Once I've got a song stuck in my head I can't get it out until I've heard it. So I used up the rest of this year's iTunes budget and bought 10 songs. Five of which I will never listen to. SIGH.

Because I'm feeling pissy about the whole thing you can have the Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me for 7 days.

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