Sunday, March 21, 2010

I is for iEverything - Belated ABC Wednesday

I took this photo of my iPhone and its SIM slot.Image via Wikipedia
You can put iTunes on your iPod and have a happy iLife (but only if you're a MAC). If you're a PC you can whine about it to friends using your iPhone. If you're feeling charitable you can head to iGive. If you need to write an essay on your iPad you can research it on iEarn. Then you can make a power point presentation about it with iWork. If you're in the mood you can have iSex. Or maybe you should look for iLove. Maybe it really does take an iVillage.

When did everything start beginning with "i"? The next thing you know they'll be an "i" in Team. Is this fascination with "i" a true reflection of how humans relate to the world? Have we all become self-centered? What happened to working towards a kinder and gentler world where we all get along? Does anyone have time to fit it into their iSchedule?

We left the "me" generation behind only to get lost in an iWorld. I used to wonder when we stopped living lives and started living "lifestyles." I didn't notice we were starting to live iLives until it was too late. I can't imagine a life without my iPod, my iTunes or my iPhone. Sad.

I don't know the answers. I'll have to wait and see if we become better or worse people with all this iStuff. I'll hang in there. I don't want to iGiveUp.

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  1. Did you ever see that MAD TV parody of Steve Jobs introducing the iRack? Everything IS about the i.

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you for participating.