Monday, February 15, 2010

This is so wrong!


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I decided to eat the fortune cookie I got from yesterday's Chinese New Year parade for breakfast. I was looking forward to the fortune. They come with lottery numbers these days. The last time I played numbers from a cookie I won.  

I cracked open my cookie and took out the paper. First sign that something was wrong? No lottery numbers on the back. I turned the paper expecting one of those slightly inscrutable sayings like: How you look depends on where you go. But no! My fortune read: 

Protect your vehicle with an anti-theft device.

Those of you who actually know me know how stupid that is. Obviously this cookie is substandard and seems to have confused me with Jay Leno. Or possibly a training cookie that should never have left the factory. I think I'd be okay with either of those answers but the truth is far more insidious.

My future is being tampered with by ICBC. Or as some people call it icky-biky. ICBC is the government run insurance company. As far as I know everyone in BC who drives or owns a vehicle has to have ICBC insurance. They offer discounts to people who install/use anti-theft devices in their vehicles. 

I understand that many cultural events would not exist without corporate sponsorship. Just because I understand it doesn't mean I like it. I think ICBC has gone too far. Messing with a person's fortune is so wrong I don't even have the words to express it.

I glad I got that off my chest. Now you'll have to excuse me. I've got to go line up to get into the Coke pavilion at LiveCity: Yaletown.
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