Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ma'chello Microwave


Ma'chello Microwave succumbed to Friday the 13th. With a flash of light and a loud bang Ma'chello left this world. He was Madison's humble servant for almost 15 years. They were especially close after Ma'chello took over the Movie Night duties of Ms. Penny "Popcorn" Popper (d. 2004).

Over the years Ma'chello prepared meals both healthy and questionable. Madison counted on him for everything from entrees to warm milk. She depended on him for quick nourishment. Ma'chello worked so often that both Beta and Quincy (Madison's assistance puppies-in-training) knew to alert her when he rang his assertive, yet still charming, buzzer.

Ma'chello will also be missed by his co-workers Tammy Teakettle and Tony Toaster.

Ma'chello will be recycled in a private service on Tuesday.

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