Saturday, November 21, 2009

Brown Bag Project - Vancouver Food Bank

Today's project from Bloggers Unite is the Brown Bag Project. The idea is to give the gift of food to those who are hungry. Take a needy family a meal or donate to a local food bank on 11/21/09.

It makes me sad that there are hungry people everywhere. Not just in Africa but in Vancouver and most other towns and cities around the world. The Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society has seen a 15% rise in usage between March 08 and March 09. The problem is they've had a continuing decline in donations too.

I've never gone hungry. There have been times when I was down to bread and water a couple of days before payday but I've never gotten to a point where there was absolutely nothing. I hope I never do. If I do I hope there's a food bank.

In Vancouver there are many ways to donate to the food bank. You can do it online at their website or you can do it at your grocery store. Most stores have a bin you can put donations in. Some also have something called BC Sharing Coupons. You buy one for $2 at the check out. The food bank can use the coupons to by eggs, milk and other perishables.

I like the coupons. It's a painless way to donate. What's $2 more to the bill? If everyone did the food bank may not be in such dire straights. I don't have a lot of spare money but I can buy coupons. Think about it the next time your doing your shopping.

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  1. Hi. I wanted to say thank you for this post and thank you for participating in this bloggers unite event. Also, thanks for reminding people of a very inexpensive and easy way they can help those in need.