Friday, November 27, 2009

Blasts From the Past - Darkwing Duck

It's not a secret that I love animation. Especially old school animation. I am dismayed by today's Saturday morning cartoons. It all seems to be violence and robots and such junk. There seems to be a lack of cute - yet intelligent - cartoons on TV. Years ago, when I did a brief stint as a nanny, I got addicted to the Disney afternoon line up. Duck Tails, Rescue Rangers, Tail Spin and especially Darkwing Duck. How could you not love a caped crime fighter whose tag line is "Let's get dangerous!"

I know, some of you are thinking that I hate Disney. You're right. Sometime after my introduction to Darkwing Duck I saw a documentary about the sweatshops where the merchandise sold in Disney Stores is made. I wrote to Disney asking to explain how they could support sweatshops. The letter I got back pissed me off. It said outright that they sold licenses to companies to make the products and have no part in the labour practices of those companies. The "it's not my problem" attitude spoiled the Disney magic. I will no longer give my money to that company. If I want to see a Disney product I will rent it or get it out of the library. Or, in the case of Darkwing Duck, I will watch it on Youtube.

I've spent a lot of time catching up with Darkwing over the past few days. I've even seen episodes I had no idea existed. I can't believe I never saw the episode called A Brush with Oblivion before. It has a great super villain. Splatter Phoenix, who calls herself a "daringly innovative pseudo anti-neo post modern deconstructionist", uses her paintbrush to move in and out of paintings in an art gallery. She steals an Egyptian artifact while our hero is in the gallery for an art contest put on by his daughter Goslin's school. It's way cool. And way over kids heads.

Splatter comes back in another episode I haven't seen called Paint Misbehavin'. I think I'll go watch it now.

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